Shop at home this Christmas

Published 10:25 am Friday, November 20, 2009

By Staff
With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the Christmas season coming fast, it’s time for our community to kick off the holidays — and the holiday shopping season.
Thursday night, businesses across Brewton will hold a special night of sales and activities designed to get folks out and shopping — and keeping their money here at home.
Perhaps it’s never been more important for our community that residents shop at home. The economy is beginning slowly to sputter back to life, and our local merchants need our dollars to circulate in our community — and our local city governments need the tax revenue those sales generate.
Just last week, the Brewton City Council approved the paperwork that would be necessary should the city need to take out a line of credit to help pay the bills. While that money isn’t necessary right now, it’s a tool the city has in case tax revenues don’t keep up with expectations. While we’re glad the city is being so prudent with its finances, we hope — and city leaders certainly hope —that bank loan isn’t needed.
But we can help with that. While many families might still scale back their Christmas gift giving this year, many families will still give gifts — and buying them locally means that our money stays here in our community, circulating among shoppers and merchants and helping pay for city services.
With special sales and plenty of activities, Thursday is a great time to start your shopping.

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