Be safe as flood waters continue

Published 1:20 pm Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By Staff
The past 10 years have been long enough to make the flooding of the Brewton/East Brewton area Tuesday a spectacle to behold.
Law enforcement officers, emergency response teams, emergency management officials and countless volunteers have spent endless hours doing their best to protect and serve their neighbors.
As waters crept onto the streets of Brewton and East Brewton, so did dangers that must be dealt with moment by moment. Through those dangers officers with the Brewton Police Department, the East Brewton Police Department and the Escambia County Sherrif Department have been steadfast in their oath to protect and serve even though some circumstances may have put their lives in danger.
As the waters recede, we hope that residents in our community will keep a watchful eye in regard to workers who must go about the job of restoring the services in each city.
Street and sanitation crews will, no doubt, have large amounts of work to do in both Brewton and East Brewton. Utility workers will be along streets repairing or checking water, sewer and gas lines.
We encourage residents to be patient as services are restored. We also encourage residents to consider safety a top priority until things are back to normal here.
We applaud those volunteers and workers who put in extra time to help provide a service to residents or business owners. Through your dedication to help your neighbor and insure safety and order, Brewton and East Brewton will recover completely.

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