Businesses work to clean up from flood

Published 1:45 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2009

By By Adam Robinson
and Lisa Tindell
the brewton standard

Workers at Magnolia Super Foods had their first glimpse inside the East Brewton grocery store Thursday — and while it wasn’t a pretty picture, they immediately got to work cleaning up from last week’s flood.
Scott, along with other managers and employees at the East Brewton grocery store, worked long, hard hours Thursday clearing away items destroyed by floodwaters.
In downtown Brewton, Chicago’s Hair Design Owner Vicky Sitarz said evidence of water levels in her shop was visible even though the water had flowed out of the structure.
Vicky Sitarz, owner of Chicago’s Hair Design. “You can see the line. In the front it was only four or five inches of water, but it went all the way through. So we are going to have to replace all the flooring and any cabinets that were on the floor. All our stations are going to have to be replaced. We had to get all the storage cabinets and stations out of the back room. The sink in the bathroom, I know, is going to have to be replaced. It was quiet a bit of damage.”
Many business owners and managers had a task of pulling out water-drenched carpeting and other flooring materials following the flood.
Many could be seen ripping out wet carpet and bringing in fans to help get their businesses back in working conditions to be open for the public.
Sitarz, who had a wedding party scheduled for Saturday, said she had to figure out a way to work.
Sitarz said the shop may not be open for business until after the first of January.
Candy Smith, owner of Shades of Gray inside of Weaver’s Jewelry and Apparel, was also working Wednesday getting things cleaned up in hopes of reopening up soon.
With most of the carpeting and other flooring ripped away at the shop, Smith said a new atmosphere would welcome customers to the store. “We are going to have a new ambiance,” Smith said. “The sooner the power comes on, it will help out more.”
Weaver’s owner Sammy Weaver said other than the water in the building he did not know the extent of the damage in his business.
Jacki Lynn of Jacki & Company said she would be calling her clients to let them know of her business changes due to the flood.
Lynn said she would move to some open rooms in the upper part of Milligan’s near her current building with a temporary setup.
Cleanup for many businesses will continue into the new year with replacement of flooring, carpeting and cleanup of other damage.

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