E.B. grants time to clean up mobile home park

Published 3:57 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

An East Brewton businessman has a limited amount of time to bring his mobile home park up to city code or face losing several homes in the park.
Otis Floyd owns and operates a mobile home park where city officials say more than 25 units are in a state of disrepair.
East Brewton Mayor Terry Clark said the city’s efforts to make, and keep, the city clean is hampered with such cases.
Floyd told council members he didn’t have the money to complete repairs ordered by the city’s inspector, Lawton Shipp.
Clark said Shipp had visited the park in July 2009 and inspected several unoccupied mobile homes at the park. At that time, Shipp talked with Floyd about working to bring the mobile homes up to standards set forth by the city’s building code.
Subsequent visits by Shipp were made in November and December with no sign of work or improvements on any of the units, Clark said.
Floyd told council members he had intentions of bringing the mobile homes in the park up to code as soon as possible, but requested additional time to do so.
Following some discussion, council members agreed to grant Floyd the additional 60 days he requested to work on the units at the park with some stipulations.
Floyd told Clark and the council he would work on the homes and try to meet their requirements.
Floyd’s mobile home park is located off U.S. 29 in East Brewton on Daulphin Street. City officials say 25 mobile homes and two houses in the park are found to be in need of foundational and cosmetic repairs.