Poarch Creeks host Winter Talk

Published 4:40 pm Wednesday, January 20, 2010

By by Lisa Tindell
news editor

More than 90 individuals gathered at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church for the Winter Talk 2010, a three-day conference open to Native American Episcopalians from across the country.
Lavan Martin, an organizer for the event, said parishioners from as far away as Alaska, Hawaii and Canada made the trip to Poarch for the event.
Martin said the annual gathering of Native Americans in the Episcopal denomination was held in Poarch at the suggestion of Sarah Eagleheart, a parishioner at the church.
Martin said the event is usually held in Northern or Western states, but Eagleheart’s suggestion brought the event to Poarch.
Winter Talk 2010’s main focus included a discussion on domestic poverty throughout the United States, especially on Indian reservations, Martin said.
Participants arrived Saturday and were treated to dinner at St. Anna’s. In the following days, they were treated to meals provided by the Poarch Creek Indians Sail Center staff and Wind Creek Hotel.
Following Monday’s discussion, participants took a tour the reservation, which included a presentation by dancers and introduction to the Poarch Creek Indian Princesses, Martin said.
Services were held at St. Anna’s on Sunday morning, which included the Holy
Eucharist. Other services on Sunday included addresses from the Rt. Rev.
Philip Duncan, Bishop of the Central Gulf coast Diocese and Buford Rolin,
chairman of the Poarch Creek Indians, Martin said.
Although St. Anna’s is an all-inclusive Episcopal church, all parishioners
are proud to host this Winter Talk 2010 gathering as St. Anna’s is the
foundation of the Poarch Creek Indians, Martin said.
success of the event,” Martin said. “We are thankful for their support.