Ask reps to support anti-dump bill

Published 5:58 pm Wednesday, February 3, 2010

By Staff
Once again I write to you concerning “Alabama the Beautiful” fast becoming “Alabama the Dump.”
Our state is permitted to receive 52,000 tons per day when we only make 12,600 per day.  We believe that the first step in deterring investors from dumping out of state waste in Alabama is to hold the local governing bodies accountable for the decisions they make for us.
The law states that if a landfill application is made to the local governing body and they take no action within 90 days, it is an automatic approval.  Senate Bill 96 sponsored by Sens. Wendell Mitchell and Marc Keahey and House Bill 36 sponsored by Rep. Thomas Jackson, Harry Shiver, Alan Baker and Steve McMillan will change this law to read that if a new landfill application is made and the local governing body takes no action within 180 days then it is an automatic denial. These bills will require our public officials to go on record by voting.
We anticipate that senators and representatives across this state will be voting on these bills during this session.  And, it is important that all of them hear from their own community, immediately.  Don’t delay, call your senator and representative and tell them to support these bills.  Then call all your family and friends across this state and ask them to do the same with their senators and representatives. If you can, follow up with a written note.
If any questions or need help locating your political leaders, you may contact me at 888-266-9217. Thank you.
Terri Carter
Mayor of Repton

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