Snow brings fun for all ages

Published 7:14 pm Monday, February 15, 2010

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

A drive down streets in Brewton and East Brewton Friday found families frolicking in a rare snowfall in the area.
In East Brewton, Debra King stood on her porch watching her grandchildren play in snow for the first time.
King’s 16-year-old granddaughter was also among the smaller grandchildren playing in snow at home for the first time, according to her mother, Tabitha Thomas.
Whitney Thomas said there had been snow early in her life based on what she had been told.
Others in the area were also playing in snow for the first time. Logan Cook and his father, Tim, were busy building a snow family on their front lawn on Belleville Avenue.
Heather Cook said her family had quickly built a family of snowmen on the front lawn of the home.
Tim Cook said the larger snowman was not what you might see in areas where snow is a common occurrence. “This is a redneck snowman,” Tim said. “The leaves and dirt in him is just what you’ll find around here. We don’t have powder snow like you see in other places. We’ve got wet snow and that’s the best kind of snowman we can make in those conditions.”
In the business world, several businesses remained closed on Friday with little traffic throughout the city. With the Valentine’s holiday on Sunday, florists were not concerned about deliveries for the holiday.
Ronnie Herrington at Herrington’s the Florist, said.
Herrington said his florist would make deliveries on Saturday for orders placed for Valentine’s Day.
Erin Lambeth at Brewton’s Village Flowers on U.S. 31 South said the usual traffic seen for the holiday was scarce. “We certainly haven’t seen as many customers in here as we normally would,” Lambeth said. “With the weather and the economy things have just slowed down.”
Lambeth said although roses were scarce in some areas, orders would be filled to the best of their ability.
Florists around Brewton will continue to be open for business Saturday for Valentine’s orders and deliveries.