Cursing of groundhog ends

Published 11:14 pm Wednesday, March 17, 2010

By By Lisa Tindell
News Editor

Although I try to keep foul language out of my mouth, the past several weeks have been really tough.
Last month, that stupid, good-for-nothing groundhog came out of a hole somewhere and was such a chicken that he ran back in when a little shadow appeared above his head.
Didn’t he know that act would set into motion more cold temperatures?
This winter has brought some horrible things to those of us here in the Brewton and East Brewton area. Think back to a winter flood that nearly ruined the holidays for everyone and certainly ruined the holidays for many.
As we recovered from that winter mess, along comes a snow unlike any seen here in more than 10 years. I wasn’t really upset about the snow. It was all the other stuff that comes with snow like cold temperatures, the possibility of power outages and of course, higher electric bills.
For those reasons I had cursed the little “rat” about being such a coward over a little darkening of the air around hm on that February morning.
I have cursed him. I have fussed. I have fumed. I have belittled that varmint every minute of every day that I felt compelled to keep on my jacket because of the temperatures.
I’m not alone in my cursing. My family has been cursing the groundhog as well but mostly because of my actions.
Because the groundhog insisted that we have six more weeks of winter weather my family has suffered because I’ve kept the thermostat set at such a low temperature for those weeks frost has formed on our walls.
Here we are teetering on the sixth week after that crazy groundhog came out of his hole and I’m thankful.
This week began with a beautiful Sunday and mild, beautifully sunny afternoons. Although I still need my jacket first thing in the morning, I have stopped cursing the groundhog.
Come on spring!