Paint our town green

Published 11:15 pm Wednesday, March 17, 2010

By Staff
Although pulling out paint brushes isn’t something most people look forward to, Brewton and East Brewton area residents can do a little painting of a different sort over the coming days and weeks.
In an effort to help encourage shoppers to buy locally, The Brewton Standard has launched a campaign asking shoppers to “paint the town green.”
The inspiration for such a program came when Danny Cottrell generously handed out $2 bills to area high school seniors attaching minor stipulations on spending the gifted cash.
When Cottrell suggested students spend the money locally and give some to a charitable cause, we agreed that sometimes shoppers need to be encouraged to spend locally.
Through the “Paint the Town Green” promotion shoppers will be putting much needed dollars back into our local economy. Every dollar spent locally helps to keep businesses in business, employees employed and residents served with a variety of services from the city provided for by tax revenues.
Businesses who are participating in the program will be identified with fliers in their windows as well as stickers for customers to wear when they make a purchase.
When you shop with these local merchants you are making a committment to the city you call home and to the community as a whole.
As you go about your shopping duties this week and next, we encourage everyone to take a moment and consider where you spend your dollars.
Your purchases will fill your pantries and closets, but they will also be helping others to do the same.
Spending locally helps everyone in the community and keeps the wheels of progress in motion.