Sheriff's officials take Powrachute for test drive

Published 12:37 am Wednesday, March 24, 2010

By Staff
If you saw something a bit unsual in the sky this morning, it was Sheriff Grover Smith and Chief Deputy Mike Lambert in the sheriff's department's new power parachute.
The aircraft — which looks a bit like a dunebuggy with a parachute and propeller attached — is on loan to the sheriff's department for free while officials test how it works for rural law enforcement.
Smith and Lambert were cleared to fly in the device, called a Powrachute, this week, Lambert said Wednesday.
In addition to being free for the county, the Powrachute is also cost-effective because it uses very little gasoline, Lambert said.
Smith has said he hopes to use the aircraft to aid in a variety of investigations, including searches for missing persons or escaped inmates or to look for drugs on the ground.
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