VFD staff more than firefighters

Published 3:15 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010

By Staff
Volunteer firefighters do what they do for no pay and little recognition. Their goal is to serve the communities in which they live with firefighting services as well as rescue services in the event of disasters or accidents of just about any kind.
On today’s front page of The Brewton Standard, you’ll see a story about the Appleton Volunteer Fire Department’s quest to build a new fire house.
Funds raised by this, and other volunteer fire departments across the county, come from donations and countless fund raisers held by the individual departments.
Through the diligence and dedication of the men and women who serve area communities with their volunteer services countless homes and lives have been saved.
Volunteer firefighters can be seen running into burning homes, pulling injured victims from wrecked vehicles and handing out food and water during times of disaster.
When you see a flyer or an invitation to a fundraising event sponsored by a local volunteer fire department, we encourage you to attend, participate and donate whenever possible. And when you attend a department’s fish fry or cake sale, it’s almost guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.
Thank a volunteer firefighter today. They could save your life tomorrow.