Prayers, promises offered at tea parties

Published 3:42 am Monday, April 19, 2010

By By Kerry Whipple Bean
and Lydia Grimes

Two groups held “tea party” rallies in Brewton Thursday, offering prayers for the country and promising to take action at the voting booth in November.
Clark thanked the residents who turned out for the event.
Brewton resident Bo Marshall urged the nearly 50 people gathered to take action.
Common Sense is based in south Alabama, and leader Michael Matthews of Baldwin County asked those gathered for their support, whether through volunteer hours or funding.
At the Escambia County Courthouse, a group led by state Senate candidate Danny Joyner prayed for people to participate in government. Joyner said the meeting was non-partisan but said he wanted participants to stand up for their rights.
Steve Guinn led the group in the pledge of allegiance. The Rev. Jack Fitts, pastor of Brewton First Baptist Church, read from the Bible and led the group in prayer. The group gathered for the Tea Party meeting was small and the non-partisan program was short, but inspirational.
Guinn spoke to the group gathered at the courthouse and quoted both Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein about the dangers of allowing politicians to be in charge of everything. Guinn said he had spoken to a person who lived in Germany right after World War I who said that the government made the population believe that the government was doing just a good job of running the country, that they sat idly by as they were led into another war.

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