Dodgers, Braves, Sunbirds win

Published 4:17 am Wednesday, April 21, 2010

By Staff
from staff reports
The East Brewton Dodgers, Braves and Sunbirds all got wins in recent East Brewton Little League play.
The Dogers beat Flomaton Green, 9-6, and the Braves beat Flomaton White, 7-4. The Sunbirds beat the Brewton Force in interleague play, 19-9. The East Brewton Cardinals fell to the Flomaton Red Sox, 11-1.
9- and 10-year-old
East Brewton Dodgers 9, Flomaton Green 6
Conner Huskey allowed three runs on no hits, walked two and struck out four in the win for the Dodgers. Josh Barksdale allowed two runs on no hits and walked one. Brandon Moye allowed one run on one hit and struck out four.
Hawthorne was 1-for-3, Jeremy Sims was 1-for-2, Barksdale was 2-for-3, and Huskey had a triple in two at-bats.
For Flomaton Green, Riley Hammond allowed five runs on two hits, walked four and struck out two. Austin Majors allowed four runs on three hits, walked foru and struck out five.
Justin Clary was 1-for-2.
East Brewton Braves 7, Flomaton White 4
Tyler Williams and Weston Riddle combined for a one-hitter against Flomaton White as the Braves won 7-4.
Williams allowed two runs on no hits, with three walks and two strikeouts. Riddle allowed two runs on no hits, with two walks and five strikeouts.
Hunter Revel had two runs, while Riddle, Morgan Riley, Michael Stelle and Jennings Hobbs all had one run.
For Flomaton White, Robert Samson, Cole Brown and Dalton Kent all pitched in the loss. Samson had a triple in one at-bat and one run, while Dakota McGee, Brown and Hunter White each had one run.
11- and 12-year-old
East Brewton Sunbirds 19, Brewton Force 9
Haleigh Dubose and Adria Barnett combined for a two-hitter against the Brewton Force as the Sunbirds won 19-9.
Dubose allowed seven runs on two hits, walking five. Barnett allowed two runs on no hits, walking five and striking out four.
Brittany Lucas was 1-for-2 with one run. Madison Winchester, Taylor McGraw, Lauren Joyner, Dubose, Kiki Floyd, Barnett, Kaeli Brown, and Tori Wyatt all had two runs, while Shaena Kaylor and Ashlyn Heirs added one run each.
Leslie Holmes and Erin Wade pitched for the Brewton Force in the loss.
Kassie King was 1-for-2 and Wade as 1-for-1 for the Force.
King, Wade, Holmes, Courtney Lisenby, Madelynn Barnes, Molly McConaughey, Morgan Manning, Tiana Stallworth and Baleigh Black all had one run each.
11- and 12-year-old baseball
Flomaton Red Sox, 11,
East Brewton Cardinals 1
Hunter Colley and Kainoa Gumapac combined for a no-hitter with one run as the Red Sox beat the Cardinals 11-1.
Colley allowed no hits and one run, with four walks and four strikouts. Gumapac struck out three with no hits and no runs.
Tyler Weaver had a triple and double on three at-bats and scored three runs. Colley had a triple and single in three at-bats and scored one run. John Hendricks was 1-for-1 with one run. Josh Fields was 1-for-2 with two runs. J.J. Hinote had a double. E.J. Lambeth had one run, Matt Ledford had one run and Kevin Gumapac had two runs.
Tyshawn Davis and Duane Hamby pitched for the Cardinals in the loss. Hamby had one run.