Veterans want to keep both service offices open

Published 4:28 am Sunday, April 25, 2010

By By Lydia Grimes
news reporter

Fearful of the impending closing of one of Escambia County’s Veterns Administrtion offices, a group of Atmore veterans attended a Thursday workshop of the Escambia County Commissioners to voice their concerns of the possible closing of the office in Atmore.
Commissioners told the veterans the decision of which office to close — Atmore or Brewton — was out of their hands.
The Veterans Administration has been in contact with commissioners in recent weeks to let them know that one of the two offices — either Atmore or Brewton — will likely close as a VA cost-cutting measure.
Stokes said commissioners were surprised by the VA’s decision but emphasized that it was not up to the county.
The Atmore veterans said they believed the decision had already been made and their trip to Brewton was a show of solidarity to keep the office open in Atmore.
VA Commissioner Clyde Marsh is expected to send a letter letting the commission know which office will close.
Commissioner Wiley Tait told the veterans that the commissioners would like to see both offices stay open.