Group works on service projects

Published 4:34 pm Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Gamma Theta Chapter, have been very busy during the months of September through December. They are a group of 18 teachers and retired school teachers whose purpose is to educate and improve education achievements.

“We meet every month except the summer months,” said Betty Watts, who is president of the organization. “We have been working with what we call the the YES program, which stands for youth, education and service. In the youth category we have selected 10 young ladies from the surrounding schools of Brewton and Evergreen areas. They are called the Xinos and they are outstanding students in school and in outreach work in the community. We work with these girls to help raise the qualities in them and to be more civic minded. Four members of the sorority advise and supervise what they do.”

Watts said the education category is to help teachers to keep up with the changes in technology. They sponsor updates in computer and programs to help teachers be better prepared for the work that they do.

They have sponsored two girls to participate in basketball, and read to pre-schoolers at Southern Normal.

“Under the S for service we have been involved in a Purple Tea sponsored by the county extension service to educate the public about breast cancer,” Watts said. “We were able to furnish two baskets of food for the needy in the Evergreen and Brewton area. We helped serve and deliver meals during Thanksgiving for those people who are mentally challenged.”

The group sponsors a dance for its programs and to sponsor scholarships for those who are going into the education field.