Catawba Springs to host sounds of Easter

Published 4:12 pm Friday, April 15, 2011

The Easter season is just one week away and as a special offering to the community, Catawba Springs Baptist Church is planning a special event for April 23, at 7 p.m. to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Instead of the usual ‘Passion Play’, members and guests will be treated to an unusual ‘Sounds of the Crucifixion.’

The Rev. Jeff Edwards, pastor of the church, said this will be a unique experience.

“This is a unique approach to the Easter season,” Edwards said. “This is the second year we have done this and last year it was very well received. That’s the reason we decided to do it again this year.”

Instead of the usual sights of the season, people who attend the program will be using their sense of hearing and will have to visualize the sights of the events leading up to the resurrection of Christ.

The church sanctuary will be darkened and those in attendance will have to listen, feel and visualize what is going on.

“Through hearing, the congregation will be able to picture the scenes in the mind’s eye,” Edwards said. “The sounds put you in the midst of the crowd and the intense emotion of the people will make you understand in a completely new way, what if was like to be there on Calvary’s Hill that day. It brings a powerful message.”

For those who plan to attend the presentation, Edwards said nursery services will be provided for infants and toddlers during the presentation.

“We will have a nursery provided and we reccommend that small children be left there,” Edwards added.

Although some churches hold special presentations on Easter morning through sunrise services or special musical presentations, Edwards said the Saturday night presentation seemed like a good balance for the weekend.

“We thought about having this on Easter Sunday, but so many things are going on that day, we thought to have it on Saturday night would be appropriate,” Edwards said. “And too, it will be a good way to lead into the message of Easter on Sunday.”

Pastor Edwards recommends those who plan to attend should come early, as they expect to have a large crowd to in attendance.

Cawtaba Springs Baptist Church is located at 5110 Old U.S. 31 next to Green Acres Cemetery.

For additional information on the “Sounds of the Crucifixion” presentation or service schedules for te church, contact them 867-6807