Nominate your ‘Handy Hero’

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Every day, hundreds of people in Brewton and East Brewton work hands-on to help build our community into a stronger place.
They work, volunteer, teach, create, govern. In February 2012, our annual Progress edition will celebrate that hands-on work with the theme, “In Our Hands.”
We have already begun selling ads to support the section and gathering stories and photos to fill it. Our stories will focus on those folks who work with their hands — landscapers and linemen, manicurists and massage therapists.
We will also celebrate those people who volunteer with their hands, such as Habitat builders, and those who create with their hands, such as painters and potters.
But we want our readers’ help, too. We’d like you to nominate the person in our community that you believe is the “handiest.” This person will likely be someone who volunteers his or her time to help in a hands-on way  in the schools, in the community, with a local organization.
We have so many people we can think of who would fit that description, but we believe you can help us come up with someone who deserves that title.
If you are interested in nominating our Handy Hero, please email a message detailing the person’s contributions to the community, and we will reveal our choice in the Feb. 29, 2012, Progress edition.
Email your nominations to
We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas—and meeting more hard-working folks in our community.