Thank a veteran this Friday

Published 5:28 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Friday is a holiday for most people — schools are out, government offices will be closed — and all for a good reason.
As Nov. 11 rolls around every year, Veteran’s Day is observed in honor of those men and women who fought in wars meant to help people in this world have a chance at freedom.
As we recognize the holiday this week, may we take a moment to really consider what the day truly means.
My father was a veteran. He served his country during the Korean War and did so willingly even though he wasn’t really old enough to be a soldier. The story he told was that he lied about his age so that he could join the military and serve his country. In the process, he served his family.
The sad part is that I don’t think I ever told my daddy thank you for what he did. I didn’t understand exactly what he sacrificed in being a part of the military during that awful time in history.
Thankfully, he wasn’t injured while he served. I don’t remember ever hearing much about his time in service. It wasn’t discussed at the dinner table and he never went on any Honor Flight or a service-related reunion. It would seem his service went virtually unnoticed and almost forgotten after many years. The only thing left to tell the world of his service is a small bronze plaque at the foot of his grave. The plaque displays the branch of service in which he served, the years of service he gave and the war being fought during that time. Other than that, not too many people know he was ever a soldier.
My fear is that too many veterans have been forgotten or their service has gone unnoticed. There are many veterans in our community that were drafted into service leaving them no choice in the matter. There are also many who volunteered. That service deserves to be recognized either way.
I wish I had the opportunity to thank my daddy for what he did this Friday, but I don’t.  I hope that those of you who know a veteran will take a moment this week to thank them for holding the value of freedom so high they were willing to fight, suffer injury and die for that right.
I’m sorry it’s late in coming, but thanks Daddy.

Lisa Tindell is news editor for The
Brewton Standard. She can be
reached by email at lisa.tindell@