Choose a positive attitude

Published 2:24 pm Friday, May 8, 2015

Take a moment and think about what makes you happy.  As an educator, I often hear children say, “When I get to the high school, I’ll be happy,” or “When I get my driver’s license, I’ll be happy.”

Then it becomes, “When I graduate and go to college, I’ll be happy.”  Still later it will be, “When I get out of college and get a good paying job, I’ll be happy.”

Adults have similar mile-markers in their lives – when I get married…when I have children…when my children finally leave home…when my children get married and I have grandchildren…when I retire…then I’ll be happy.

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These progress marks, however, do not determine one’s level of happiness. Happiness is an attitude found in the here-and-now. It’s a choice we make.

It’s a defining characteristic of who we really are on the inside.  More importantly, happiness is contagious!

In the short amount of time that I have spent in the Brewton community, I have been overwhelmed by the positive attitudes I have encountered.

A survey I conducted with the   Brewton City School district teachers confirmed that they indeed possess a sense of happiness in their jobs.

While they have identified areas that offer potential for improvement, they also have demonstrated a strong sense of pride and satisfaction in the things they have already accomplished.

There is no doubt that they work to instill a similar sense of happiness in their students, and that they model for them contentment with what they have and with who they are.

It is important to understand that happiness is not something to be achieved, but rather something you can simply choose for yourself. By choosing a positive attitude, one’s number of friends, quality of life, and level of self-satisfaction will be the reward.

As for me, I am happy to earn my living by working with children.

I am happy to meet each new day that God blesses me with.

And my family and I are certainly happy to be joining the Brewton community!


About Kenneth Varner

Dr. Varner currently serves as Superintendent of Brewton City Schools.

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