Brewton native to host jewelry show

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Brewton native Dr. Marcia Redmon Miles, affectionately known as “Dr. Marcia,” will be showing her jewelry line, Faith Inspirations on Thurs., Oct. 6, 2016, at the Hourglass in Brewton.

Miles’ high-end jewelry line is known by its acronym “Fi” and is influenced by her southern upbringing and personal faith.

Miles said she is committed to making exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and

Courtesy photo Dr. Marcia Redmon Miles with a jewelry display.

Courtesy photo
Dr. Marcia Redmon Miles with a jewelry display.

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conversational jewelry.

“Each piece of jewelry is uniquely designed and handcrafted personally using the highest quality materials,” Miles said. “Some of the genuine crystals and stones are pearls, agate, coral, turquoise, carnelian, tiger eye, bronzite and Swarovski. I believe my gift for color coordination have helped me excel in quality jewelry making.”

Miles, who describes herself as a perfectionist, started her company more than three years ago in San Benito, Texas. She believes that her creativity and mastery are an inherited blessings from her maternal grandmother, the late Willie Bell Redmon Sledge, who taught her the foundational elements of jewelry making.

“Another influence comes from my mother, Dr. Marilyn Nicholson, who taught me that ‘No one is  better than you and you are not better than anyone else; you can do anything that you put your mind to’.”

Miles said she took her mother’s words to heart, which gave her the confidence that she could accomplish whatever she could imagine, believe and dream.

It is with this confidence that Miles, a 1991 graduate of T. R. Miller High School, became the first African American female to earn a doctorate in ministry, with specializations in counseling and psychology from Liberty University in 2006.

She has traveled the world in missions and ministered in some of the most remote places. These journeys continue to inform her worldview and contribute to her ability to reach a broad audience in business and ministry.

Miles has been able to build her company from the ground up with the support of her twin brother, Marcus Redmon, who serves as her graphics director. He works in Fi’s brand development and artistic print production.

Miles said one of the highest points of her growing business was the launch of a men’s collection in May of this year.

“This line appealed to males across three generations,” Miles said. “Men who didn’t wear jewelry now own and regularly wear Fi bracelets and necklaces.”

Miles’ Fi shopping event will open its doors at 4:30 p.m. and last to 7:30 p.m. at the Hourglass.

You may visit Fi’s website at to see some of Miles’ jewelry items. However, the Oct. 6 event will have jewelry items unique to the Brewton showcase.