Sowell Road update given

Published 7:19 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2016

City and project officials outlined the Sowell Road construction project at a Monday meeting.

The project is described as Brewton’s largest funded ATRIP project and constitutes $1.15 million of the $2.9 million awarded to the city.

The project was set as the last project to be undertaken as to maximize use of the grand funds and to capitalize on savings from the city’s other ATRIP road projects.

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The Sowell Road project will also include upgrades to water and sewer service as well as drainage. The design proposal includes a plan to close in the open ditch along the railway, and route stormwater drainage to a new closed pipeline linking with the state’s drainage system.
Plans will be submitted over the next year for approval with the project bids to be let by August 2017.

Brewton Mayor Yank Lovelace said plans for Sowell include improved lighting, new sidewalks and expansion of the city’s retention pond.

– Stephanie Nelson