Stone instills life skills in area students

Published 6:00 am Thursday, October 6, 2016


“If you don’t have the social skills, you can’t be successful no matter how smart you are.” Heather Stone’s main mission is to teach the students of Jefferson Davis Community College life skills so they can be successful in whatever track they’re on in life.



Stone has been at JDCC for the last 16 years, teaching Psychology and Economics full time since 2003. She sees just about every student that ever walks the JD campus since Psychology classes are required for students.

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“In psychology, we talk about the social skills and understanding other people and I hope that helps them in life,” said Stone. “In their jobs, in their personal relationships, as a parent, as a spouse, son or daughter. To be able to communicate better and interact with others better and take that with them into life and it helps them be successful.”

Getting students to look at another person’s opinion or point of view is sometimes a tough task.

“I want them to realize that the world is a little bit bigger than they’ve been exposed to in the past,” said Stone. “I want them to realize that there’s a different way of looking at things and that everyone has a different experience and a different perspective, and to consider that when interacting with people.”

Stone said her goal with students is to help them walk away from her course as a better person, not just a better student.

“I want them to get life skills,” said Stone. “I want them to come away better parents, better spouses, better at life.”

One thing Stone admits helps her be a better person is simply loving what you do.

“I love it,” said Stone. “I always wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I just enjoy it. I enjoy the students. I don’t think I would want to do anything else.”

And while Stone grew up in nearby Uriah, she said Brewton has been her home for more than two decades.

“I feel like Brewton is my adopted home,” she said. “It’s where we raised our children. I love it here. I feel very connected to this community. I love my students. They’re why I’m here and I tell them that every semester. I like being here because I love the students. This is really my dream job.”