Pace uses job as charity platform

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nicole Burns | The Brewton Standard Jefferson Davis Community College History Professor Lisa Pace and the donated dog food.

Nicole Burns | The Brewton Standard
Jefferson Davis Community College History Professor Lisa Pace and the donated dog food.


“It’s important to help where we are.”

For the last year, Jefferson Davis Community College History Professor Lisa Pace has used her classroom as a platform to promote charity work.

“I think lots of times people want to give to charities that are big,” said Pace. “You want to give to Red Cross and you think globally with your charity work, but right here we have lots of problems. What I’m doing is just one part of it.”

For the last three semesters, Pace has given her students the opportunity to be a part of a solution instead of a problem. “We have people that are hurting and in need, but this is where I feel like I’m called to help is with animals,” said Pace.

Those who wanted to take part, brought in bags of pet food that will be donated to the two pet rescue agencies in Brewton, Souls on Board and Paws Crossed.

“I feel like we have made animals so dependent upon us, it’s our duty to take care of them,” said Pace.

“I love animals and the thought of one of them suffering and not having what it needs kills my heart. It’s a problem that we have created by not spaying and neutering and making them so dependent on us. It’s our job to take care of them.”

In just one year, students have seemed to catch Pace’s vision. Last fall, Pace said she was amazed at the 100 lbs. of food brought in by students. In May, the donations jumped to more than 670 lbs. and this semester’s total surpassed that with 680 lbs. to be donated. That brings Pace’s pet food donation total up to 1450 lbs.

“I think my students learn the importance of giving, especially in their own community. I want them to see that there’s a need in their own community and that they can make such a huge difference,” said Pace.

Donation drives like this are also an opportunity for students to learn about some of the challenges and problems happening in their city, even if they don’t see it first-hand.

Pace said she’s spent time talking about the responsibility of pet adoption, spaying and neutering pets, and the local fostering programs available.

“A lot of them didn’t even know what rescue work entailed or that there’s a foster program here or any of that kind of stuff so they’ve learned the importance of taking care of their own community through it,” said Pace.

If you would like to learn more on helping the local pet rescue agencies, you can call Paws Crossed at 251-363-9098 or search for them and Souls on Board on Facebook.