Kindness goes a long way

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

$10 – I was pretty surprised that I was given the money by this older gentlemen, who before our encounter on Tuesday I had never met in my life.

He was a gentle fellow and very personable despite the fact he was at The Brewton Standard to deliver an obituary of his deceased soulmate.

By chance I was there in the office to help him to make sure the obituary got in the paper as best as he envisioned. He thanked me graciously and paid up front.  Before leaving he came back to my desk and handed me the folded bill, thanking me once more.

After I thought about the sincerity of his act, my mind drifted to a moment the day before.

I was leaving the parking lot of the Walmart Shopping Center.

I came up to a stop sign near the four way exit. To my right on the corner was a family. The older gentlman, who could have been the father, was holding a sign.

A lady was sitting on the grass, with a young child. Another gentleman was to their left. I saw them coming into Walmart earlier, but to be honest, didn’t think much of it.

Now here they were. I made the quick decision to look in my wallet and give some money.

I happen to have a $5 bill. I let down the passenger window and handed it to the man with the sign. With a smile and a wave he thanked me multiple times. The others did as well. I nodded “Your welcome” and turned off towards the stoplight. I looked in my rearview and the car behind me was offering some assistance as well.

Now I don’t be giving money out all willy nilly. I could of just as well used that money to grab some lunch the next day.

But when I decided to give, there was no hesitation. As I was heading home I thought about the things I could do with $5 and laughed off the possibilities. I did the right thing. At least, it felt like the right thing.

Fast forward to that moment in the office. The old gentleman was now gone to his next destination and I had a crisply folded $10 in my pocket.

Now I’m a believer in giving with the intention of never expecting anything in return, but I sat there and realized my fortune and blessing.

Twofold. God blessed me twofold. I got some assurance that day that sometimes you got to trust, believe and do sometimes what just feels natural.

I realize I’ll be going back and forth on this until the end of my days but what it comes down to is God will take care of you.

There are angels all around.