Wellness Clinic services

Published 4:18 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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Brewton Medical Center’s Wellness Clinic has been experiencing a push back from the Brewton community because patients believe the clinic is trying to replace primary care physicians. “We make sure that patients’ preventive screenings don’t fall through the cracks,” Brewton Medical receptionist for the Wellness Center Christy Joyner said. “A lot of the times when patients go into see their primary doctors, they are going in for chronic issues.” Joyner said the clinic’s services help alleviate appointment scheduling for primaries because the nurse practitioner Angelica Williams is able to take care of time consuming but necessary work such as immunizations, gathering family medical history and updating medical charts. Joyner said the clinic works solely for all of the physicians in the medical center. “Anything we do whether it is ordering a lab or scheduling a mammogram, it is all through the patient’s physician, so when the results come back, we don’t get it,” Joyner said. “It goes straight to the physician.” The Wellness Clinic also offers further education on chronic illnesses or medications, advance care planning, fall risk assessments, cognitive assessments to screen for Alzheimer’s and dementia, transitional care calls and much more. For more information about the Wellness Clinic, go to www.brewtonmedical.com or give them a call at (251) 867-6071.