20 years ago: Poarch dreaming of casino

Published 1:56 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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It is surprising what you can find in these old books. I am sure that I remember a lot of things, but a lot of what happened 20 years ago, seems to have been in another lifetime.
In 1999 Poarch was still dreaming about the casino they wanted to build near Atmore. Congressional action had temporarily block plans for the casino for the time being.
MediaCom was “making our life better” by bringing us some new charges on our cable. The current price of $23.95 was raised to $29.95 for basic cable. We thought the prices were bad back then, but today’s prices make the raise back then to be insignificant.
The City of East Brewton installed severe weather warnings and were preparing to test them. The time of the year that we get a lot of Spring rain, warnings seem like a good plan.
T.R. Miller seniors presented the Senior Play, “Wild Oats.” Flomaton High School seniors chose to present “The Music Man.”
Ivey’s Grocery Store held an auction to be able to tear down the old store to make room for a new building. The business, begun in 1947 by H.E. Ivey, had a little bit of everything in it.
Habitat for Humanity held it’s second Annual Fashion Show, to raise money for Brewton Housing.
Tera Rigby was shot and killed in Coleman’s Smokehouse in Castleberry. The accused was James Anthony Ball and the police did not have a motive for the shooting.
A flood gage was installed on Murder Creek. Others were planned for Conecuh River and Burnt Corn Creek. With the announce earlier the area was getting prepared for the spring and summer rains.
Michael Goolsby was named to the Escambia County Board of Education.
Plans were being made to build a new W.S. Neal Middle School. Construction had to wait for the completion of Escambia County Middle School in Atmore.

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