Youth builds closer relationship with God

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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The First Assembly of God’s youth group participated in an annual summer camp in Springville, Alabama. There was a turnout of around 600 hundred people, including counselors and students. There were eight students and four counselors from the Brewton congregation. The camp lasted for five days. Games and services were held daily. Speakers including Jason Alborado were in attendance. Alborado’s sermon featured illusions involving card tricks and spiritual lessons.

“The last message hit our hearts greatly when the message received was that we often times ask God for more, but God has already given us all the tools we need to carry out our calling,” Pasture Andrew Sawyer said.

“The spiritual food we receive at the camp is good for continuing the ministry effectively,” the pastures wife and church leader Kara Sawyer said. “The students were very reflective on themselves. It was a time of restoration in faith and their walk with the lord.”

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Some students in attendance commented on the highlights of their camp experiences including Caitlin Chavers and Taylor Ragan. Their favorite game was the food relay. Six teams participated. A team would run a short distance to a chair where players would pick a mystery food item from a bag. The idea is to finish the item before other players no matter how gross it is.

“I got green baby food,” Chavers said. “It tasted like dirt.”

“The messages affected me and my relationship with Jesus because I am called to be a youth pastor,” Ragan said. “They helped me realize that I had some things in my life that needed to be gone in order for me to step into my calling. The messages also had an amazing impact on the other students in our youth group. Resuring and refreshing their faith, they were also able to find things in their life that could be negative too.”