Growth of any kind is a good thing

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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Last week the work started to be evident with the planned construction of a new facility downtown.

I know that there have been some controversial conversations revolving around the new construction, but there is something to be said about growth.

In years past, there have also been controversial conversations about other items showing “growth” in our community.

I can actually remember when there were a good number of folks upset about the possibility of a big box store coming to Brewton. Regardless of all the quiet protests and ill feelings about the store, it came anyway. And that store generates a good bit of tax revenue for the city and helps to keep the infrastructure as solid as possible.

Also, when someone suggested the construction of a new bridge across Murder Creek, the question I can remember being raised was ‘why?’ But, right now, with that bridge being closed to traffic thanks to a visit from Sally, many can see why it was needed and just how important the addition of the bridge was for traffic.

We have all seen times when businesses would open and then close almost as quickly as they came.

But, while it may have been short lived, those businesses gave the owners hope and the city got a few dollars ass well.

I believe that growth is a good thing. It either helps the economy by providing some competition in some areas while providing brand new opportunities in other areas. All business, small and large, have to pay city and state taxes and fees. Those dollars keep the city moving along and improving along the way and it helps the state by providing funding for any number of programs that come to mind. Those businesses also provide income for families in our community. But more than income, many employers also offer competitive pricing for health insurance which is a great benefit to those being employed as well as the rest of the community.

Growth can sometimes be viewed as a negative. And, sometimes, it is. There are certain kinds of growth that may leave gaps and holes in services and be detrimental to the community. We are lucky here in Brewton.

The growth that is now visible to everyone when they ride through downtown is the kind of growth that is good for a community. Jobs are being created, even though for a short time, through the construction of the facility. More jobs will be available for members of our communities and those that surround us as the business grows. Those jobs mean more money rolling through the economy which keeps other businesses going — and growing.

Like it or not, growth is always a good thing.