Keep the good news coming

Need a little good news these days? With a government shutdown, uncertainty about one of Brewton’s grocery stores and the upcoming closing of our Goodwill ... Read more

Boring 2014 ahead?

Believe it or not the 2014 state elections are only eight months away. This gubernatorial year, which usually portends a plethora of interesting and exciting ... Read more

Remembering a life-changing event

I’ll admit that I sometimes forget where I put my keys or whether or not I turned off the coffee pot, but I can assure ... Read more

City’s rebirth exciting

The ongoing “Brewton Reborn” project is beginning to take off and a large number of people are doing exactly what the project was focused on ... Read more

The baby becomes a boy

I told everyone I was going to be just fine; I wasn’t going to cry. But as we walked into the Brewton Elementary kindergarten building ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Letters to the Editor

We’re not for same sex marriage

Many of readers will have seen that the Presbyterians have been in the news a good bit lately. Many news outlets have been reporting that ... Read more

Covenant says ‘thanks’ to volunteers

A special “thank you” to all the volunteers who helped bake wonderful cakes and pies and helped at our annual Covenant Hospice bake sale that ... Read more

City judged on its ‘beautiful blooms’

Congratulations to Brewton on your very first entry in the America in Bloom (AIB) competition! America in Bloom’s goal is to assist communities in becoming ... Read more

Mom thanks ‘Project Eagle’

I would like to take this time to thank the coordinators on behalf of all the parents who have their children in the Project Eagle ... Read more

Putt-Putt coming to Brewton?

How many times have you heard from your child, your teenager or just overall as a family that there is never anything to do here ... Read more | 1 comment