10 tips to boost mental health during pandemic

Published 10:00 am Saturday, March 21, 2020

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains on the forefront of everyone’s mind. This growing concern has not only affected the world, nation, and state, but also the Greater Brewton area.

During this time, maintaining a healthy state of mind is just as important as social distancing, especially for the next few weeks.  In response to this rapidly evolving situation, Emma Cosby from Southern Psychotherapy & Support Services in Flomaton shared helpful tips applying to mental health during this rapidly evolving situation. The following are other preventative measures individuals can take to combat the virus.

Be educated.

“Go to CDC.gov for the latest guidelines related to COVID-19. It is updated routinely,” said Cosby. Cosby says that knowing the actual facts is crucial in keeping a stable mind. Thanks to the CDC and Alabama Department of Health everyone is allowed access to the hard data.

Be patient.

Cosby explained that health care leaders deserve a little grace during this trying time. Cosby said, “Our health care leaders are working tirelessly around the globe to get us the very best information and treatments. Trust them to do their jobs.”

Be aware of your existing health conditions.

“Don’t forget to take routine medications and keep medications filled,” said Cosby. COVID-19 has proven to affect the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions more severely than others. Because of this, Cosby encouraged everyone to keep medicine cabinets full in the coming weeks.

Be mindful of practicing self-care.

Diet and exercise are key to strengthening any immune system. Cosby shared, “Eat nutritious meals, stay hydrated, exercise, and get plenty of rest.” Keeping your body healthy will keep the mind healthy as well.

Take breaks from prolonged media exposure.

With constant updates by the hour, it is hard not to check up on the virus, but Cosby encouraged individuals to participate in favorite pastimes. “Do things that you enjoy like reading, watching a movie or spending time with your family,” said Cosby.

Create a new routine.

Change within the old routine could potentially create a positive response within the home. During this time, Cosby emphasized the need for a new family routine, especially while children are at home.

Be aware of your emotions.

“Ask yourself if your fears are rational. Consider what is within your control, notice what is outside of your control, and manage the things that you can,” said Cosby. Being aware of anxiety or worrisome thoughts can help individuals keep a grip on reality.

Consider past crises you have survived.

Cosby suggested that a clear understanding of former crises can lead to inventive ways to deal with new crises. “Ask yourself how you overcame past crises. Utilize some of those same tools now,” said Cosby.

Care for each other.

Helping others will not only help the community, but impact all individuals in a positive way. “Help a neighbor. This virus will impact not only our health, but our economy. Consider ways that you can reach out to others,” said Cosby.

Ask for help.

“If you need professional help due to overwhelming anxiety, worry, or sadness, reach out to a health or mental health care provider,” said Cosby. Help is only a phone call away.