Brewton Iron Works helps local businesses

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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Rick and Earle Wilson of Brewton Iron Works are concerned about the survival of businesses here in Brewton. They are also thankful that its employees continue to come to work in these trying times.  As such, they have decided to help local area restaurants and, at the same time, thank its employees by having meals catered at the company on Fridays over the next 6 weeks.   

“We can’t work from home like some people,” said Earle Wilson, the soon to be 88 year old VP of the company.  “As a manufacturer, we have to be here to make what we sell, and it has to be made down here, not at home.  It sends a bad message to our employees if they have to come to work while we work from home.  It just wouldn’t be fair to them and would set a poor example by Rick and I for the people that we depend upon that make the products that pays our bills that keeps our doors open for business. We have to lead by example, and I believe we are.”

“Dad and I felt that we could do two nice things at once,” said Rick Wilson, President of Brewton Iron Works and Chairman of the Escambia County Industrial Development Authority.  “I feel, as long time residents of Brewton, we have an opportunity to give something back to the community that has supported us with great employees and services for so long. In addition, as Chairman of ECIDA, I hope it sends a message to potential businesses willing to locate to this area that we are worth looking at because of how we value and support our communities, their businesses,  and the people within them.”

In addition to this, Brewton Iron Works will be purchasing personal hand sanitizers from Murder Creek Distillery for each of its employees while the supplies last.  “I found out about this from one of my supervisors.  I understand it is made of ethanol and is 160 proof.  I tried a sample on my hands and loved it, so I bought 50 units on the spot,” said Rick.  “We will encourage each of our employees to use this constantly here at work.”

He added, “Our financial support for them is minimal compared to what they need.  My hope is that other businesses in the community will do what we are doing from time to time. If our company can do this, maybe others can do this as well.”