Escambia County Healthcare Authority confirms first COVID-19 case

Published 7:02 pm Friday, March 27, 2020

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The following information was released by Jason Daniel, director of public affairs and marketing for the Escambia County Healthcare Authority:

Today, March 27th, the Escambia County Healthcare Authority announced that it had received notification from Alabama Department of Public Health of the first positive result for Covid-19 Coronavirus in Escambia County, Alabama. The Escambia County Healthcare Authority also
announced that the patient’s sample was not collected at either of their hospitals in Escambia
County, Alabama; Atmore Community Hospital or D. W. McMillan Memorial Hospital.

Both of the Escambia County Healthcare Authority hospitals, Atmore Community Hospital and
D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital, have worked diligently in anticipation of this event and they
will continue to work diligently through the duration of this crisis.

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We urge our communities to continue to follow the Center for Disease Control and Alabama
Department of Public Health’s recommendations.

• Exercise social distancing; if you must go out, stay at least 6 feet away from other
individuals and avoid larger gatherings.
• Stay at home as much as possible, only leave for essential errands.
• Shield your coughs and sneezes.
• Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and do it frequently.
• Use hand sanitizer when handwashing facilities are not available.
• If you are sick, STAY HOME, and contact your Healthcare Provider and let them know
and follow their instructions.
• If you are severely ill, contact the ER before you present so that they can be prepared to
receive you promptly.

The public can be assured that it is safe to seek care at both hospitals, Atmore Community
Hospital and D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital. We have the facilities and the expertise to care
for those patients while protecting the safety of all of our patients, visitors and employees. Our
staff participates in drills and training routinely to maintain a state of continual readiness, and our
caregivers use personal protective equipment when caring for any patient suspected of having an
infectious disease.