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Looking back: Wrestling bear causes problems

Thirty years ago, in 1991, Brewton mourned the death of Broox G. Garrett Sr. at the age of 75. He was a native of Grove ... Read more

2 months ago by Lisa Tindell.

Nursing homes to open for indoor visits

The Alabama Nursing Home Association today announced a plan to resume indoor visitation in nursing homes and continue outdoor visitation. The resumption of limited indoor ... Read more

6 months ago by Lisa Tindell.

Page shares Mayflower ancestry descent

It’s that time of the year again; the day the Pilgrims and Native Americans sat down to eat a meal that came from the new ... Read more

1 year ago by Lydia Grimes.

Looking back: More tales of George Washington, $2 bills in Brewton

This week’s column is a little bit different that it usually is. I have two Looking Back articles that I will tell about, one in ... Read more

2 years ago by Gina Castro.

Get in the spirit

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5 years ago by Lydia Grimes.

Grimes column: Only the dates have been changed…

The first thing I noticed in the newspaper for the last week of October of 1989 is the similarity of what is happening today, 25 ... Read more

6 years ago by Lydia Grimes.

‘Project’ has long history

September and October were in full swing five years ago in 2009. Fall was certainly in the air and some minds were already looking ahead ... Read more

7 years ago by Lydia Grimes.

Looking back: June 25, 2014 issue

Fifteen years ago late in June and early July of 1999, everyone was ready to put the school year behind and experience some lazy days ... Read more

7 years ago by Lydia Grimes.

Hot AC, topics fill pages, minds

 Ten years ago I was working at The Brewton Standard, and I remember a lot of stories that came across our desks that year. The ... Read more

7 years ago by Lydia Grimes.

Memories of all kinds are found inside the pages

There were several news stories on the front page of the newspaper in 2009. The paper, dated May 13, featured stories about a local coach ... Read more

7 years ago by Lydia Grimes.

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