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Vote: It’s up all of us to unify our country

Martin Luther King Jr., once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” On Tuesday, Americans will cast ... Read more

1 year ago by Kendra Majors.

Keep pushing forward, graduates

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Graduation day ... Read more

2 years ago by Kendra Majors.

Newsprint supply is tightening, you are affected

The paper (newsprint) used to print The Brewton Standard you hold in your hands cost 10 percent more than it did just a few weeks ... Read more

2 years ago by Kendra Majors.

Protect yourself, others from flu

The flu is running rampant through the city and the country. This week it prompted officials at DW McMillan to ask that patients utilize urgent ... Read more

2 years ago by Staff Reports.

Kudos on the thoughtfulness of hiring new coach

It’s been said that athletics builds character, and that athletics can have a substantial impact on the lives of youngsters who are involved. This week, ... Read more

2 years ago by Staff Reports.

Tax reform will grow economy

Written by Rep. Bradley Byrne Last week, the House took a big step toward long overdue tax reform when we passed our budget for Fiscal ... Read more

2 years ago by Staff Reports.

Our teachers are why it works

Written by Dr. Kenneth Varner According to research reported in Wong and Wong (1998), the typical teacher consumes 90 percent of allocated instructional time.  Consider ... Read more

2 years ago by Staff Reports.

Summer ends; school begins

The summer is winding down, and for most of us, it went way too quickly. The long days don’t seem long enough with all of ... Read more

3 years ago by Staff Reports.

2 paths, 2 greats

Phelps, ARod retire, maybe I wrote a column earlier this year about retiring athletes after being heavily inspired about the retirement of NBA great Kobe ... Read more

4 years ago by Corey Williams.

It’s time to save our children

There are wars, but how can we target one particular war in Brewton? This war is not fought with weapons, but with concerned parents and ... Read more

4 years ago by Staff Reports.

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